The BAAD Ladies


LaylaLayla Marcelle Mrozowski: Artistic Director & Performer

Mrozowski is an artist, choreographer, designer, dancer and girl friday. Her choreography explores the idiosyncrasies of femininity as well as love, pop-culture and perceptual relativity (parallax). A lover of hot dogs, David Bowie, parlor games and all garments dyed mustard yellow, she likes to make shit happen and is pumped about the BAAD tour.



AlexisAlexis Grabowski: Tour Manager & Performer                                                    

Alexis is an artist focusing on painting and drawing. Her work is inspired by her personal experiences as well as an interest in current events, advances in technology, psychology and space exploration. A meticulous process, patterns and a sense of unease characterize her most recent drawings and paintings. She has also helped manage numerous nonprofit arts organizations and is a budding cyclist.


MariaMaria Malizia: Performer

Maria is very exited to be a part of the BAAD tour! Adventures we shall seek indeed while spreading the love of dance! A native of Pennsylvania, Maria is entering her junior year at Penn State University, where she studies Italian and dance. This past year she was one of the dancer’s for Layla’s “Glitter Gut” piece and had the opportunity to not only perform at PSU, but also in NYC and Rockville, MD as well. They were the best dance experiences ever, and she is so excited to be dancing for Layla again. Only Layla would come up with something so unique and exhilarating as this!


EmilyEmily Smith: Performer

Emily Smith is an extremely excited, high strung young woman, eager to begin her adventure with BAAD Kinetics. She heartily supports dance in any form, being a hopeless movement addict herself. She is currently also exploring, sculpture, print, and music making, as well as aspiring to live life through the motif “make decisions based on love and not fear.” Well here she goes…


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